Individual Prenatal Course

Only now you can have individual prenatal course filled up with knowledge based on evidence based medicine and using this insight you can give birth peacefully and in a way you choose.

4 meetings (around 3 hours each) are enough to gain whole knowledge and learn how to use it during your pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and when taking care about your newborn! All this in the safe space of your home.

The truth is, it’s a good idea to prepare for labour and parenthood. Awaken your faith and competence, and also strengthen yourself mentally. Without it, it is impossible to calmly wait for the birth and then take care of your own baby in the same way.

Of course, not every prenatal course emphasizes increasing parents’ competences. Besides, who has the time for this, when so much material needs to be included in the course ?!

This is changing today! Within 4 meetings you will hear a series of key information and factual advice, thanks to which you will gain faith and competence. Your labour and parenthood will be much easier!

Do you have additional questions? Call me.

This individual course is available within 130 km from Siedlce including Warsaw and Lublin.

How will you prepare for childbirth and parenthood in just 4 meetings?

prenatal classes

I will be your teacher. My name is Marta Siwińska

I’m a doula, breastfeeding promoter, hypnobirth instructor and babywearing consultant.

After this course:

  • you will become mentally stronger, you will feel peace and security, so crucial during this important time. Thanks to this, you will be able to calmly await the birth of your baby
  • you will receive a lot of useful information as well as specific tips and advice so that you can effectively prepare for the new stage in your life
  • you will learn about your rights in birth and how the labour may look like so you are prepared to make the best decisions for you and your baby
  • you will learn doula secrets, tricks and gadgets that may be useful to you both, so that you can focus only on giving birth, knowing that everything else will be taken care of by your husband / partner
  • you will learn how to plan a postpartum and whether it is worth or not using the help of others during this period in order to properly regenerate your body and have more strength
  • you will discover the secrets of breastfeeding and understand what the fourth trimester is all about, so that the first weeks for you and your baby can be a peaceful time of getting to know each other
  • you will practice carrying, lifting, changing diapers, dressing and bathing your baby

4 meetings during which you will learn the key things about labour, postpartum, breastfeeding and baby care.

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    Marta Siwińska
    tel: 501 050 774

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