Postpartum doula

My offer is addressed to all parents, regardless of whether it is your first or subsequent child. As well as for independent mothers who want to benefit from Doula’s support during the postpartum period. The territory of my activity as a Postpartum Doula covers the city of Siedlce and towns located within 100 km from Siedlce, also Warsaw.

You can be sure that I work with each family individually to meet your needs. I provide emotional and physical as well as informational support. I am also focused on your well-being as new parents. I can advise you on how to rest, what to eat and how to take care of yourself during the postpartum. I also completed a postpartum herbal course, if you are interested.

As a Postpartum Doula, I provide research-based information. This includes ie.: infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery after childbirth, bonding between mother and baby, calming babies, and basic care for a newborn baby. I help a new family in the first days and weeks after the baby is born. I do not perform any clinical procedures other than help with breastfeeding and breastfeeding education. I do not judge the stitches after stitching the perineum or caesarean section, but I can show you traditional methods of helping a woman recover from childbirth and monitor for symptoms of postpartum infection and / or depression. I do not do chores.

Scope of the support

  • support in breastfeeding
  • assistance in emotional and physical recovery
  • support in caring for a newborn baby
  • help in learning the proper child care
  • Shantala massage
  • babywearing
  • taking care of the child when the woman wants to rest
  • caring for older siblings
  • contacts to local support groups, paediatricians, lactation advisers
  • help with shopping
  • food preparation
  • helping with washing machine and dishwasher

The cost of postpartum support is:

One week support PLN 1.800; Two weeks support PLN 3.200 (personal support up to 4 hours a day).

Outside of working hours, I will be available by phone for the entire duration of our contract.

Having additional question? Send me the message.